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40 Miles on my butt October 2, 2010

Posted by frizzybaker in Adventures.

Today, Kevin and I got up at 10AM to bike 40 miles on one of florida’s beautiful bicycle trails. We started with a deeeelicious breakfast of farm fresh eggs with homemade toast and strawberries!

After we stuffed ourselves with this energy packed breakfast, it was time to roll out! My frizzy hairs and I decided to sport braided pigtails for this occasion.


For the first three miles, there were a lot of hills (maybe rolling hills for all you non-floridians) and curves.

Once we got to the end of the trail, the first food stop we saw was Subway and immediatly downed some sandwiches, which were not picture worthy. I had a veggie with all the fixings. Once our hunger was satifsfed we saw an adorable little cafe with country cooking. Oh well, next time. Back to the trail!

It was the last 20miles and I was feeling good so I started pushing 14mi/hr. Kevin will never admit it, but he was struggling to keep up 😉 Can’t you see it in his face?

His hair looks like its been blasted from the eighties, meanwhile mine is holding up!

But my “bikers high” only lasted for 8 miles, not enough to get home, and we both started taking frequent water breaks. But it finally ended.

I would have had the whole 3 hours, but Kevin accidentally erased the first half. So just double this number and volia! aprrox 20 miles in 3 hours. Not bad for all those water breaks 🙂

The happy couple. We recovered with this…

Yes, I have tricked Kevin into drinking a Green Monster. It’s a great way to slip in some veggies for him!

It was a beautiful day for an awesome bike ride. We will definately be doing this again. Goodnight!



1. Gigi - October 3, 2010

Can’t wait! Kevin is brave to drink something that green.

2. Nicole - October 6, 2010

Did he like the Green Monster?

frizzybaker - October 6, 2010

He does! I sometimes I’ll stick one in the fridge for later and it magically disappears!

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