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Florida Springs October 3, 2010

Posted by frizzybaker in Adventures.

This Sunday, we went tubing down some of Florida’s natural springs with some of our church’s Youth.

Can you pick me and Kevin out of this bunch of high schoolers?! Me either… :-/

After church, we headed to Moe’s; we have our priorities. I was craving a chicken, bean, and rice burrito with as many veggies they could stuff in it.  And of course some chips and a cookie!

After fueling up, we headed to the springs.

These two provided plenty of laughter for the ride up! haha.

Since I grew up in the mountains, I am well acquainted with tubing down freezing cold creeks and rivers. I was prepared to face muddy waters, rocks, rushing rapids, with some alligators sprinkled in here and there since we are in gator country. But I was proven oh-so wrong. Instead, I saw this:

Clear waters, silky sand floors, with an encompassing jungle. San alligators 🙂 However, I was met with cooold water. Even though Florida continues to peak in the 90s during the day, the springs stay around 72 degrees year round! I found it exhilarating. We luxuriously tubed down the lazy springs in about 1 1/2 hours. Along the way, Jessica informed me of a tree root phenomenon.

The roots of these trees grow upward and reach above the waterline in order to avoid drowning! Pretty cool huh? What a smart 9th grader!

Happy Sunday :-)!


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