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The Come Back and Oats October 7, 2010

Posted by frizzybaker in Recipes, Running.

Today, I ran my first workout in ten months. I did 3×800 meters and I had no idea how fast I would able to do them. In college, I could do four to eight 800s in 2:50 (5:40 mile pace).

Well, that wasn’t going to be my goal today. I was shooting for more around 7 min pace  🙂

I started out with a 1.5 mile warm-up and then rolled right into them. My first 800 was the hardest because I have not moved my legs that fast for a long time. The first 800 I hit my target: 3:30. The rest ended like this:
– 3:25
– 3:22
and they felt much better than the first! I took a minute break in between and both my legs and lungs were burning but it felt soooooooooooo good! After the cool down, however, I felt like this:

Even my hair had lost it’s frizz it was so pooped! Time for some recovery food, oatmeal!

    – 1 cup H20
    – 1/2 cup old fashion rolled oats
    – 1/8 cup wheat germ
    – 1 old banana
   – handful of rasins (optional)

Since it’s pumpkin season (personally my favorite season), I decided to make a modification and add a dash (or three) of pumpkin pie spice.

– First, boil the water
– Next, add the rest of the ingrediants
– Last, stir until desired consistency (don’t burn them!)

I like to cook my oats until most of the water has evaporated (approx 10-15min). I don’t like runny oatmeal!


So comforting on these chilly fall mornings! I don’t add honey or brown sugar to my oatmeal because the ripened banana acts as a natural sweetener. I washed my oatmeal down with some of this:

After my recover food, I was still feeling whipped out. Good thing, because I’m off to nap! I have a long week of night shifts ahead…


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