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Homemade Butter and Buttermilk October 17, 2010

Posted by frizzybaker in Butters and Sauces.

I made this buttermilk for my chicken and dumpling’s recipe, but I’ve also made homemade buttermilk for buttermilk blueberry pancakes or just to enjoy real butter!

How did I get this recipe? One of my best friend and bridesmaid, Katie, is in school at Washington University to become a registered dietitian. One of her chemistry labs required her to cook/bake/make something almost every day. Being the nurse/science nerd that I am, I was fascinated about how butter is made. So now I will share this phenomenon with you…

#1. After milking your cow, gravity naturally separates the liquid and sediments. After about 24 hours, the surface of the milk can be skimmed – this will be your cream. Or, you can do what I do, and buy organic heavy whipping cream.

#2. Pour the cream into a bowl and begin to mix it on medium-high speed with a mixer. As the cream is churned, air is introduced. You will start to see air bubbles form and then the cream will become light and fluffy like whipped cream.

#3. Don’t stop here! Keep mixing on medium-high speed. The air molecules begin to separate the and join with the cream molecules as a fat and a liquid, butter and buttermilk!

Once it looks like this, you can start pressing the milk out!

#4. Human hands can squish all of the water out of the butter.

But you can get pretty close!

Fresh Butter

The butter is very soft since it still has liquid in it, and a very delicate taste. It will take on the taste of other things in the refridgerator so make sure you secrure in a container!



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