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Bowl ‘o Chili December 17, 2010

Posted by frizzybaker in Dinner, Recipes.

Did I mention that I’m feeling a little run-down? It might be because I am working for the next 10 days (mix between night shifts and days for Hospice) but that is the final push and then I get to go on VACATION! I get to see one of my best friends marry on New Year’s Eve AND celebrate me and Kevin’s 1-year anniversary 🙂 I can’t believe it’s already been a YEAR. It has gone by so fast! And my marriage with Kevin has only gotten better!

In the meantime, I am fighting this yucky feeling by guzzeling tea-kettles of this:

And taking in loads of this:

Can’t beat Florida oranges

And tonight I made a hearty bowl of chili – with organic beef. Now before you vegetarians and vegans barf let me explain. I have decreased my consumption of meat this past year simply knowing how cruelly animals are treated on corporate farms. I am also aware that hormones and antibiotics are administered superfluously to all animals, which is not good for those who eat them. However, #1. I think that eating meat is healthy for those who consume it moderately and #2. I understand that farmers must make a living and what sells is cheap and fast products. So in a way, society has created the meat we have today.

In response, I make a great effort to purchase meat that has been treated fairly and been raised organically (meaning, outside, grass-fed, no antibiotics or hormones). This way, I am not propagating unhealthy treatment of our food sources and I am actually counteracting it. If more people bought organic meats and produce, then corporations would have to change. Change is where the money is. I don’t think mass quantities would be produced by going organic (since mother nature is unpredictable when it comes to disease and weather) but how much food is wasted each year in America? Do we really need all that food stocked in our grocery stores? Our society’s waist-line says no.

I’m lucky to have a co-worker who has a farm and raises cattle. All her cattle enjoy a healthy life outside eating grass and getting exercise to get big and strong instead of shots of hormones. And she doesn’t feed them antibiotics but keeps them healthy with garlic. She hasn’t butchered a cow in a while, but I’m lucky because I live in Florida where we have a lot of small time organic farmers. One of my favorite farms is Rosas Farms – http://www.alrosas.com/.




– 1 pckt McCormick’s Chili mix
– 1lb Organic hamburger meat
– 1 can light kidney beans
– 1 can petite diced tomatoes
– 1 8oz can of tomato sauce
–  very small onion, diced
– diced green pepper


1. Brown the meat and drain the fat

2.  heat the rest of the ingredients in a large cooking pot

3. Add McCormicks spice packet to beef and the sauce

4.  Combine meat and sauce and let simmer for approx10-15 mins so the spice can settle

Enjoy with some grated cheese and rolls!

 I think the critic loves it 🙂

P.S. Yes, Kevin is eating his dinner with a tablespoon because we ran out of spoons! We’ve both been so busy we haven’t had time to wash the dishes. oops 🙂



1. Gigi - December 18, 2010

Did you ask Santa for more silverware?

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