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Christmas Break – The Runs January 15, 2011

Posted by frizzybaker in Running.

After my last race, the Turkey Trot, I was excited to train and race a 15K and then a 1/2 marathon. I made a training plan but during the Christmas break, some things got in my way:

All TOTALLY worth blowing a week (or two) off.  🙂 Needless to say, my runs went down the toilet. The snow prevented us from going to YMCA for a couple of days which forced me to stay at home and eat this:

YUM! Yet despite all these fun and delicious attractions, I was able to manage a few good runs. One of them being on the snowy trails of North Carolina. Trail running is how I fell in love with running and for many reasons: the scenery, pineneedle trails, rolling hills, and the quietness of the wood. It was especially quiet after the snowfall.

The footing was tricky and proved for a difficult 4 mile run that lasted a glorious 45mins. I think this run was the closest I’ve come to cross country skiing! My buns, hamstrings, and quads were so sore the next day.

My other blog-worthy run was a 10 mile long run with Kevin!! Kevin hasn’t run 2-steps for almost a year. The morning of our 1-year anniversary, he kept me company for 5 of the 10 miles… mostly uphill… I couldn’t believe he was able to average 8:30min/miles with me and hardly broke a sweat! (I’m crediting the cold weather for that!)

Speaking of our anniversary, stay tuned to find out what we did to celebrate!!

Want to catch up on my Christmas? Read these posts! Christmas Break – At Work; Christmas Break – HOME!



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