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Spring Break – Part II March 13, 2011

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Day #3 – Key West & Snorkeling

Once arriving to Key West, we set up camp

and attempted to make dinner only to realize that we didn’t have the right kind of propane tank for our stove.

OH NO! ALL our food is dependant on our stove. What are we going to eat?! We will starve. Or, to avoid starvation, we’ll have to blow our budget on going out to eat for EVERY MEAL! We will be poor and starving!”

Oh the panicky thoughts that go through my head. Good thing I have Kevin with me, who went to the store to purchase a cheap stove that fit the propane tank and thus, disaster averted. 🙂

Kevin, trying to figure out our new stove… so we could make HOT CHOCOLATE! and dinner

Kevin’s work on the grill and stove top yielded chicken, corn, and rice! Yummy!

The next day’s adventure was snorkeling from Key Largo. We used Keys Diver & Snorkel Center and went on a four hour trip. Two hours of boat riding and two hours of snorkeling – no pics to post here, they were taken with an underwater camera which has to be developed! (I wasn’t even sure disposable cameras were still available!). We saw some crazy things including: Christ of the Abyss, parrot fish, a SHARK, Kevin in a wet suit, a sting-a-ray, and of course the coral reef.

 As the boat headed back toward land, another disaster awaited us – RAIN! We could see our wet future up ahead. It looked something like this:

At our campsite, everything was soaked. This time, my thoughts didn’t swirl into a poor and starving pit. Instead, we laughed and transferred all our soaking wet items to a laundry mat and came back with dry and clean-smelling clothes. No use crying over spilled milk.. or torrential downpours. 🙂

Day #4 – Key West

This was, by far, my favorite day of vacation. We woke up bright and early try to drive two hours on a beautiful highway to the end of the keys.

We went on a four hour kayak and snorkel adventure through Lazy Dog Tours – this tour group was featured in Discovery as one of the best things to do while in the keys! Our tour guide was awesome and so excited to teach us about the backcountry. The backcountry waters harbor baby fish in nutrient rich and shallow waters. As the animals grow, they swim and feed out in the deeper waters where the coral reef stands. Again, no personal pics provided for this section because we used our underwater camera! We saw mermaid wine glass,

sea cucumbers,

crabs, a plethora of fish, and DOLPHINS!

After our adventure, we drove into the heart of Key West. Once downtown we walked through Harry Truman’s neighborhood,

passed a kapok tree,

and made it to dinner.

Kevin got a grouper sandwich

I got a brie and veggie sandwich. I know, I know, I ate chicken and cheese while at the beach. I just can’t pass up things I know I love for seafood which I only sometimes love.

Next we headed to Mallory Pier to watch a brilliant sunset.

Once the sun went down, I was craving desert. Luckily, our tour guide had recommended Better than Sex Desert Bar.

The ambience was perfect; low lights, red drapes, and sexual innuendos galore.

There were so many sexy deserts we had trouble choosing! But we finally decided on Strawberry Cheesecake.

Ow Ow!

We ended this perfect day with a Hilarious play called “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.”

Didn’t Kevin do a GREAT job!? I think he should be a travel agent (and continue to plan all our trips :))

We had a long drive back to Key West that night but it went by fast as we went over our favorite details of the day. And we still had one more day of vacation!

To be continued. . .



1. Gigi - March 16, 2011

Beautiful pictures.

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