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Birthdacation Day Two June 27, 2011

Posted by frizzybaker in Adventures.

The next morning started with a canoeing trip on Union Lake!

Me, Katie, and her husband Greg

Paddling into the bush


The weather held up nicely while I was there. It was overcast in the mornings but usually cleared up by the afternoon. It stayed a steady 55-70 degrees. That’s PERFECT in my book.

After the canoe trip we were hungry for lunch. We biked into the Ballard area where we met a long-time friend of mine for lunch – my friend Jenna (who is also PREGO!) suggested we eat at a hole-in-the-wall sandwich shop called Paseo’s and bring our lunch to the beach! Fabulous idea.

After a wonderful lunch with great company, Katie and I headed to Theo Chocolate Factory… oh.. my… goodness.. this is the BEST chocolate I have eaten!

Theo Chocolate is 100% organic and utilizes chocolate from fair trade farms. 

They have samples of all their chocolates out on display for all to eat WITHOUT JUDGEMENT. I took advantage and ate a LOT of samples.

I decided to purchase a sweet treat or two for Kevin since he was missing out!

Before we knew it, the day was gone and it was time to make some DINNER! Katie has a great cook book that explains how to cook any and every vegetable with meal combinations.

I need a cookbook stand like that! Cute!

She made a rice dish with soaked dried mushrooms and sautéed veggies.

Onions, garlic, and rice

Juice of the soaked dried mushrooms

dried mushrooms
sautéed veggies (not pictured)

and the finishing touches all equal…


And for dessert?

Root Beer Floats! YUM! Can my birthday be any better??

Stay tuned for that answer. . .


1. Gigi - June 28, 2011

Jenna!!! So cute.

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