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I love Chattanooga August 8, 2011

Posted by frizzybaker in Adventures, Dinner.

I am on vacation this week and we are going on one last extravaganza before Kevin starts school! We have decided to make the 12hour journey to his home town, Cincinnati OH. To make traveling more enjoyable we did the following:

1) Rented a book on tape

This is a wonderful way to make the time pass. We rented Twenty thousand Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne which has proved to be an exiting adventure! I swear, by listening to this my IQ will increase by 20 points.

2. Played games

We occupied ourselves by playing I spy, license tag game, and solving riddles. We are truly kids at heart.

3. Exercized before hopping in the car

This makes the car ride more bearable knowing that your legs have stretched a bit before hand. I ran about 4 miles and Kevin lifted.

Finally we arrived in Chattanooga!

We stayed with a good friend of ours, Bryce!


The Embrace

We ate at a delicious restaurant called Lupi’s Pizza House. We all ate monstrous calzones.

YUUUM – after this dinner, our bellies ached for a walk


Let’s Go!

We took a walk down town and found a whole bunch to do!

We stumbled upon a walk-way bridge that went across the Tennessee River.

The other side greeted us with an ice cream shop (YES) and a local girl signing a song she named “I love Chattanooga.” I found myself falling in love with this city too.

After spending the night with Bryce we were on the road early the next morning.  We made a stop in Knoxville to eat breakfast with my dad at IHOP! I ordered the SIMPLE & FIT 2x2x2 which was “Two-Egg Breakfast  Scrambled egg substitute, two strips of turkey bacon, and two pancakes.” No original picture but it may have looked something like this

Breakfast is my favorite part of the day and it was wonderful to share it with my dad!

And now, Cincy bound. . .



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