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Frisbee Golf August 10, 2011

Posted by frizzybaker in Adventures.

Today I woke up to this:

He makes me so happy I couldn’t fall back asleep… that and he had my precious blankey wrapped around his face; I CANNOT sleep without my blankey. YES I sleep with a blankey – and now so does my husband. tee hee 🙂 

Today’s eats looked much like yesterday’s.




I got so excited about dinner that I forgot to take a picture before dinner. Anywho, my plate consisted of tacos, watermelon (a personal favorite), corn, salad, and grilled squash. Can I express how much I LOVE having my mother-in-law COOK for me?!

Dessert/snack included: cookies + icecream, apple + peanut butter, & yogurt – again, not pictured because I get excited and eat them too fast!

Today’s event was frisbee golf. If you’ve never played, the rules are quite simple and mimic the rules of golf. First, locate a course which will have these baskets strategically placed.

Then proceed throw your frisbee into the basket. Like golf, there will be a “par score” to aspire to. A typical course has 18 “holes.” My arm gets sore after the first few launches so I wait until everyone gets closer to the basket and then practice “putting.”

Kevin with his shirt off

Friend with shirt off

me with my shirt ON

There were some awesome views along the way

I lost the game and kevin won. Go figure.

Another day of vacation tomorrow!



1. Gigi - August 11, 2011

Another great day to be alive!

2. Sheri - August 17, 2011

I am laughing out loud about Kevin and your blankie. I was at Ginger’s this weekend and she still has her blankie, which she tries to hide under her pillow, with her every night. It’s such a rag that if Christopher got it wrapped around his head it would choke him to death. Ginger’s blankie was originally Shelley’s and Shelley is 37.

frizzybaker - August 18, 2011

I think Jesse Rae stills has hers too! It runs in the family; and now Kevin has inherited this trait

frizzybaker - August 18, 2011

p.s. maybe that’s Ginger’s point… to one day choke chrisopher; i think they need to go to nicole for therapy NOW before its too late

3. Myron Alice - August 29, 2011

That is a sweet picture of Kevin with your blankie around his face!

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