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Snacking August 12, 2011

Posted by frizzybaker in Sides.

I’m a snacker and always have been. I eat much like a baby

My 1-year old niece on Kevin's side


My 14-month old nephew on Kevin's side!

We have been babysitting these little treasures for the past couple of days! They are constantly on the GO. When they stop to eat, they graze; these little ones stuff a couple of grapes in their mouth and then they are off! I discovered that this is exactly how I eat.

There are many different opinions on snacking/grazing and/or having 3 square meals a day. From what I briefly read, it’s not about how frequently you eat but how many calories you consume. I’m not a calorie counter so I don’t know how many calories I intake when I graze. But I am continually moving all throughout the day and thus I’m hungry all throughout my day! 🙂 So here are a couple of snacks I always have within reach

Apples, Banana's, Peaches





Cheese and Crackers
And assorted veggies

These snacks are in addition to my usual



And dinner (no pic!)

But I’m not this healthy all the time. I eat a sweet treat either after lunch, after dinner, or both if I’m really craving sweets. Here are some of the sweets I love to eat!



And my very favorite, ice cream

I think my secret to staying healthy is eating when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m full. I also fill up on good stuff first before eating a sweet treat. So there’s the inside “scoop” to my eating habits.

The weekend is fast approaching and I am meeting with some of my friends from college! I am planning to make some very yummy brownies so watch out for that recipe! 🙂


1. Gigi - August 27, 2011

Cute babies.

2. Myron Alice - August 29, 2011

I Love your blog and love you and Kevin!!!!! The babies are cute!

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