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MIA December 23, 2011

Posted by frizzybaker in Adventures.

I have been missing in action for 3 months and here are the reasons why:

#1. My sister’s wedding: My beautiful sister married her sweetheart in the tropical setting of Puerto Rico. As her sister, I had the honor of being MOH! To get the full scoop check out her blog!

#2. Studying: I am entering nurse anesthesia school full-time in January and decided to take two “head-start” classes in order to lighten the first semester. One of those classes was chemistry and included 23 lovely chapters of general, organic, and biochemistry – none of which I’ve taken. I bribed a chief resident with baked goods to tutor me and drove 2 hours to study with a pair of twins that were making 100s on their test. And people, I managed a B!!

#3. Chicago: Flew to Chicago to visit with four of my favorite girls from nursing school – we call ourselves the fabulous five and… it’s true. We really are fabulous!


I will definitely be posting to update you on this fabulous trip!

#4. I quit my job: Unfortunately, there is no way to work while attending anesthesia school. It’s a full time program with classes and clinical rotations. So I had to leave my wonderful job in the SI/CTICU. My co-workers threw me a WONDERFUL Italian-themed lunch for my last day at work. But the party went on! Another one of my close co-workers threw me a party at her house with TONS of food and TONS of love. I will truly miss my sweet co-workers.

So! I am heading into 2012 with no job, no income, and no time 🙂 The Frizzy Baker will still be available but the posts may differ from a source of recipes as I will probably have no time to cook,  much less eat.

However, it is Christmas break and I WILL be blogging! So stay tuned. . .



1. Nicole - December 23, 2011

Love the Chicago pictures….your hair looked so cute!

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